“From the Great Outdoors to Shelter Life: A Feline’s Journey of Raising 6 Adorable Kittens and Finding Her Forever Home”

Sage, the feline who spent a year living outdoors and then had to stay at a shelter while raising half-a-dozen kittens, is now eagerly searching for a forever home where she can settle down.

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A pregnant gray tabby was discovered wandering the streets and was taken to a local animal shelter for assistance. According to reports, she had been roaming the vicinity for approximately a year. Since the shelter was not an appropriate setting for nurturing kittens, the staff sought the help of the rescue community to find a temporary home for the expecting mother. Salty Animal Rescue answered their call and took responsibility for her care. Karly, the co-founder of the rescue, stated that the cat was around five years old and had presumably given birth to various litters in the past. Fortunately, this would be her final litter.

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Sage had experienced a year living on the streets and had spent some time at a shelter before finding herself in a new space. After checking out her surroundings, she happily approached her caretakers for some affection and cuddles. The new accommodations exceeded her expectations and she was thrilled to have companionship. With access to an ample supply of food and a cozy room, Sage felt secure and at ease, evidenced by her willingness to lie down and expose her rotund tummy.

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Sage became the proud mother of a thriving litter of six
Just a few days after giving birth, Sage’s six energetic kittens were born. Despite being newborns, they had insatiable appetites and impressive vitality. Sage proved to be an exceptional mother right from the start, constantly tending to her demanding brood by cleaning and nursing them tirelessly.
As Sage catered to their every need, her six kittens (consisting of two girls and four boys) thrived each day, growing stronger and healthier.

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The mother cat was an amazing caregiver to her litter. “I can’t imagine a better mom than her,” thought Sage. As the days passed, the kittens grew rapidly in size, impressing Sage with their plumpness. They were hitting all the necessary milestones under their mother’s guidance. Sage knew that the mother cat was one step closer to finding a loving forever home where she could live her best life.

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The moment they woke up, they began to frolic and have fun, making their mother always alert. Once they learned how to run and leap, they raced through the space, pursuing one another as though they ruled the area.

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After the six babies were done with breastfeeding and gained more self-sufficiency, Sage felt it was about time to retire from her motherly duties and focus more on being with her human companions.

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Sage loves to steal the spotlight and enjoys being the only feline in the household. She has made it clear that she wants all the attention to herself. Getting her belly rubbed is one of her favorite things, and she doesn’t shy away from asking for it. Sage would happily roll over onto her back to show off her tummy.

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Sage has an affinity towards being in the spotlight, even at her age of five years old. She exudes kitten-like energy and loves to engage with everyone she comes across. She finds solace in relaxing on the sofa beside her family members, purring contentedly until she drifts off to sleep.

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Karly shared that the mother had done an excellent job raising her last litter, and all of her pups found loving homes. Now, it’s the mother’s turn to find a forever home.

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Sage is in search of a loving and nurturing home, where she can be showered with affection and pampered like royalty. She yearns for a family that will treat her with the utmost care and provide her with all the comforts that a feline could ever desire. Although the circumstances leading to her abandonment remain unknown, one thing is certain- Sage’s life will be infinitely better than what she could have imagined.

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