“Unleashing Emotional Responses: The Courageous Rescue of Bait Dogs”

It’s not uncommon for us to come across bait dogs that have been saved or taken in. Personally, I love sharing and recounting these heartwarming tales. Nonetheless, I feel it’s crucial to share this particular footage as it showcases how these canines are found.

The act of sharing this video could shed light on the terrible lives that these dogs are subjected to before being rescued. It is crucial that we take a stand and advocate for stricter laws against dog fighting globally. Tom McPhee, who serves as the Executive Director of the World Animal Awareness Society (WA2S) and is also the Producer Director of American Strays series, follows Michigan Humane Society Officers as they discover newly acquired canines that are being used as bait for dog fighters. The cameras capture the inhumane conditions that these dogs are forced to endure, which includes broken bones, untreated wounds, tied lips, maggots, and malnourishment.

According to Jenny Jackson, who is an officer at the Michigan Humane Society, they deal with dog fights throughout the year. She mentions that many of these fighters are young individuals who take pit bulls and tie them up in unused areas such as abandoned yards or parks to fight them. These youngsters will fight whatever dog they can get their hands on, and unfortunately, the dogs involved in these fights are unlikely to receive proper care such as medical attention, food, drink, and shelter. They are often left behind and forgotten.

Luckily, these two pit bulls received assistance from the Michigan Humane Society and WA2S. Despite this, there are numerous other dogs that require rescue. Please be advised that the video contains graphic content. Nevertheless, we assure you that their tale has a joyful conclusion.

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