A Surprising Discovery: A Feline Friend Brings Six Adorable Kittens to a Flower Box

A flower box left a family in awe when they discovered six adorable kittens inside. To their surprise, it was later revealed that a mama cat had carried them there.

snuggly kittens pile

Chantal and her family have been helping stray cats in their locality for quite some time. They make sure to provide them with food and shelter, especially during the winter season. One fine morning, while tending to her garden, Chantal stumbled upon something unexpected. To her amazement, she found six kittens snuggled up together at the bottom of one of her flower boxes. She was taken aback by this discovery. Just then, she noticed a stray cat nearby. The feline seemed to be keeping an eye on the box as if it was guarding the adorable little furballs inside.

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As it turns out, the feline who had wandered into the garden was actually a mother cat on a quest for protection and sustenance for her litter. Chantal had encountered many of the local cats before and always aimed to assist them as much as possible. It’s feasible that this particular mama cat had heard about Chantal’s compassion and decided to bring her little ones along for the ride.

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Gerbett was a curious cat who had turned a flower box into a makeshift nursery for her kittens. Concerned for their safety, Chantal reached out to ChatonsOrphelinsMontreal and offered to foster the furry family until they were ready for their forever homes.

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With a caring heart, Chantal took in six adorable fur balls into her cozy home. However, she encountered a slight challenge of getting the mother cat to come inside after living as a stray for some time. Despite being cautious around humans, the feline displayed no signs of aggression. Tempting her with treats was not enough to gain her trust, prompting Chantal to think outside the box.

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According to the rescue, Chantal emerged from her house with a little kitten in her arms. Gerbett, the mama cat, quickly came over to check on her kitten. Chantal then led Gerbett inside to a room she had prepared for the family of seven. Gerbett was given her name by Chantal.

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The moment the little cats caught a glimpse of their mother, they quickly surrounded her bosom and began to suckle. Along with being provided with nutritious food, cozy beds, and warm blankets, Gerbett gradually developed a fondness for her savior and began to crave love and attention.
According to Chantal, “It appeared as though Gerbett realized that I was there to assist them.” With the whole family reunited and under a safe roof, they all harmoniously purred in unison.

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In the upcoming weeks, Gerbett dedicated herself to nurturing her six feline companions into cheerful and playful young cats. She patiently imparted feline skills to them and observed their progress with keen interest. Gerbett developed a deep fondness for humans and relished their attention and affection. “She thoroughly enjoys being showered with love and often expresses it with headbutts.”

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Gerbett can be described as a hybrid of a cat and dog because of her behavior. She loves to be around her humans and follows them wherever they go. Gerbett is a talkative feline who enjoys telling her owners about her day. Her playful nature also reveals that she still has a kitten’s heart. However, as her kittens become more self-reliant, Gerbett is stepping back to spend more quality time with her humans. She shows interest in their activities and wants to be involved in the action.

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The little kittens have reached the age of three months and are now prepared to explore the world on their own. A pair of them have already been adopted by a loving family, while the others are currently enjoying their time in foster care. They are healthy and happy, eagerly awaiting their turn to find their forever homes.

snuggly kittens pile

Gerbett’s decision to bring her kittens to the perfect home turned out to be a game-changer for them. Despite braving through the harsh realities of life on the streets, the feline mother successfully raised a litter of six kittens. However, she has now decided to retire from motherhood and indulge in a luxurious indoor lifestyle, with all the pampering and attention she deserves.

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