“The Acura NSX Type S: Unleashing High Performance on the Roads”

Acura is preparing to bid farewell to the NSX as the 2022 model year comes to an end.

Acura NSX Type S - the brand's most powerful production car

Introducing the NSX Type S from Acura, which is currently the most robust production car they have ever made. This automobile is a limited edition, with only 350 units created, and it has been hand-built with precision to produce an extraordinary masterpiece. In addition to its impressive power that generates 600 hp, this car has race-spec twin turbos installed, making it highly audible even before it comes into view. Rooted in its racing ancestry, the Acura NSX Type S has an assertive design that incorporates aerodynamic components to yield more downforce and keep you firmly planted on the road. With its twin-turbo V6 engine, it can accelerate from 0-60 mph in roughly three seconds.

This implies that the vehicle can match the speed of expensive supercars. Acura has also updated its appearance by adding a carbon fiber front lip, side skirts, and spoiler. Moreover, it now boasts a brand-new 5-spoke wheel design that enhances its performance. The car’s front has 19-inch rims, while the back has 20-inch rims, giving it an assertive, forward-leaning look.

Acura NSX Type S

Acura NSX Type S boot space

Supercar Blondie, an automobile enthusiast, mentions that the NSX is not just a powerful sports car but also incredibly lightweight. This is thanks to its carbon fiber roof, which not only adds to the vehicle’s agility but also lowers its center of gravity. Additionally, the exposed engine and carbon cover at the rear serve to accentuate the car’s sporty character.

Acura NSX Type S exposed engine

Supercar Blondie takes a closer look at the interior of the Acura NSX Type S and notes the leather upholstery on the center console and steering wheel, as well as the Alcantara inserts on the dashboard. The seats also feature a combination of leather and Alcantara. While the cabin is comfortable and functional, it doesn’t quite live up to the expectations of a high-end sports car in terms of design and sophistication.

Interior console

Have you heard about the NSX pricing? Supercar Blondie reveals that it starts at a whopping $170,000 but can go up to $185,000 if you add upgrades. But there’s a catch – the Type S is the final edition of the NSX as the company plans to discontinue it after the 2022 model year.

Acura driving

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