My Experience Driving the Audi RSQ Featured in I, Robot Starring Will Smith

This item is loaded with amazing Easter eggs that are sure to impress.


Remember the sleek ride that Will Smith cruised in during the sci-fi blockbuster I, Robot? That was none other than the Audi RSQ concept car, built exclusively for the film’s 2004 release. Despite being over a decade old, the car’s futuristic design proves that Audi was ahead of its time with this creation.

In the film, which takes place in 2035, Will Smith’s character is on a mission to investigate the potential danger posed by robots to mankind. The Audi RSQ was specially created to serve as a futuristic police car and it definitely looks the part, almost resembling a spacecraft. The most eye-catching aspect of the car, undoubtedly, are its butterfly doors. Audi has managed to create a set of doors that open rearwards, giving them a very distinctive and unparalleled appearance.

Audi RSQ i Robot

Supercar Blondie, a popular automotive influencer, shared an interesting fact about a movie car. The wheels of the car in the movie were made to look like spheres instead of tires using CGI. This design allowed the car to move in all directions rather than just forwards and backward. However, in reality, the car has hidden tires beneath caps.

Audi RSQ i Robot wheels

Will Smith I Robot

Supercar Blondie took a close look at the Audi RSQ concept car and was impressed by its sleek, uncluttered interior. However, on further inspection, she discovered several hidden surprises in the form of Easter eggs. The center console revealed an on-off switch and toggle switches resembling those found on a fighter jet control panel. Overall, the combination of minimalism and hidden details make the Audi RSQ a truly unique and innovative design.

Center console controls

center console

Supercar Blondie, a popular YouTube channel, recently shared a video featuring the Audi RSQ concept car. One standout feature of the vehicle is the yoke steering wheel, which gives off an airplane vibe. The film version of the car even had a retractable steering wheel that could be hidden away when not in use. Additionally, the Audi RSQ is a stick shift car, but drivers must manually connect the gear stick themselves. Overall, this car is a unique and impressive creation that will make any driver feel like they’re living in a movie.

Stick shift

Let’s talk about Supercar Blondie and her love for the Audi R8. Did you know that the concept car for the R8 was actually based on the Audi TT? It’s true! This model was created for a movie in 2004, but two years later, Audi released the R8 – one of their most popular models to date. And it’s not hard to see why – when you compare the two cars, they share a similar design language that is simply stunning.

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