“Shaquille O’Neal’s Lavish Purchase: Lamborghini Gallardo Acquired for $181,900”

The Lamborghini Gallardo is a dream car for many drivers, and it’s no wonder that Shaquille O’Neal is the proud owner of one.

I bet you’re wondering how a former basketball star who measured 2.1 meters (7 feet) managed to squeeze into a small car. Well, it’s simple really. He increased his height by 12 inches using some clever modifications.

The word on the street is that the “Gallardo” production line will come to a peaceful stop in August of this year to make way for new tooling for the upcoming Lamborghini model.

It’s uncertain whether the new Lamborghini for babies will hit the market before summer next year. The authenticity of this rumor depends on who you ask at Lamborghini and how credible their information is. The speculation has been going around for a while now.

No matter what happens, Lamborghini’s Gallardo, which has been in production for a decade, will soon come to an end. This means that this will be the final time Lamborghini revives its smallest yet most popular vehicle.

When it comes to memorable final moments, this one doesn’t quite pack a punch that will leave you breathless.

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