“Driving in Style: How Kylie Jenner Matches Her Luxury Cars with Her Fashion Sense”

Kylie Jenner’s car collection is worth a pretty penny, with one vehicle alone surpassing most people’s annual income. Her affinity for luxury extends beyond just cars and seeps into her fashion choices as well. If you’re a fan of coordinated ensembles, check out her outfits for some inspiration.

The reality show “Keeping Up with the Kardashians” features a diverse range of content. Amongst the numerous collectors out there, Star’s collection stands out as one of the most impressive. Recently, she acquired a stunning black Ferrari LaFerrari, which is not only a sight to behold but also an extremely rare car with a strict purchasing process. With just 499 of these beauties ever produced, word on the street is that you need to purchase at least five other Ferraris before you can even consider owning one.

Fortunately, Kylie happens to be a huge admirer of the brand and has actually purchased a few of their vehicles, such as a vibrant Spider in yellow and an Italia in blue. However, it’s worth noting that Kylie didn’t spend the rumored amount of $1.5 million (equivalent to R21.6 million) for this stunning car.

According to reports, Kylie Jenner’s partner Travis Scott gifted her a Ferrari after the birth of their daughter Stormi as a push present. However, Kylie’s car collection is not limited to Ferraris. She also owns several Mercedes cars including a black G550 4×4, a maroon G-Wagon, a black G-Wagon, and a grey Maybach gifted by her ex-boyfriend Tyga a few years ago.

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