Porsche’s Electric Dream and Its Potential Contenders

The electric supercar market is hotting up, but which of these EV Exotics would tempt you out of a traditional ICE hypercar?

Officially, the Porsche Mission X electric hypercar revealed earlier this week is just a concept. But then that’s what Porsche saidaout the Carrera GT concept when it unveiled that in Paris in 2000.

And it’s also what Porsche saidaout the 918 Spyder at Geneva in March 2010. In both cases, production cars were in showroom within four years. Make no mistake, an electric Porsche supercar is coming, and it’ll be here before the end of this decade.

But maybe you don’t want to wait. And maybe you don’t have to. Because before the Porsche so much as turns a wheel there will already be several other rapid, and rapid-charging electric exotics for rich EV fans to choose from. Some are even available right now. Which would you choose?

 We Think Porsche’s Mission X Hypercar Will Be Built, Here Are The EVs It Needs To Beat

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