“From Bait to Beloved: How a Dog Who Lost Her Ears Found a Forever Family”

The furry friend of Jeannette, whose anonymous last name she did not want to reveal, is always in high spirits. Her dog’s tail is always wagging, and they have wooden floors that make a drumming sound when she moves around. This pit bull was found wandering the streets with injuries four years ago in Phoenix, Arizona, by a police officer. Despite being in terrible shape, this strong dog had somehow managed to survive. According to Jeannette, the dog was undernourished and covered in ticks. She was so filthy that the officer thought she was brown, and her scars made him believe she was blind.

Calista the pit bull

Calista, who was found on the streets, had a particularly troubling physical injury: her ears were missing. It was suspected that she had been used in dogfighting, potentially as a lure for other dogs. According to Jeannette, one of her ears was completely gone and the other was in poor condition and couldn’t be saved.

Pit bull with injured ears

Jeannette G. shared the heartwarming story of a dog who was rescued by a police officer and taken to a shelter. Fortunately, Mayday Pit Bull Rescue came to their aid even though they were unable to take in the dog themselves. The group contacted Jeannette and her husband to see if they could foster the dog, and they agreed without hesitation. Jeannette’s husband promptly took the pup to the vet upon picking her up from the shelter.

Calista the pit bull with injured ears

Jeannette G. shared that the veterinary team made a valiant effort, however, they had little faith that the dog would survive. “She was diagnosed with numerous tick-borne illnesses and was severely anemic,” Jeannette explained. “According to the rescue organization, she was the worst case they had ever seen. The smell emanating from her was unbearable; it was like the stench of death itself.” In spite of all the odds, the canine persevered and held onto life.

Woman cuddling injured pit bull

According to Jeannette G., the woman they rescued looked terrified at first, but there was still a glimmer of hope in her eyes. Despite having every reason to be angry, she remained forgiving. The dog required an extended stay at the vet, and before leaving her there, Jeannette and her spouse chose to give her a name. They believe that giving a rescue dog a name is important, particularly if they’re going to spend the night, as it allows them to die with dignity. They named the dog Calista, which means “most beautiful.”

Injured pit bull resting in bed

Jeannette G. shared that Calista’s survival surprised everyone as she managed to live through the night and several more after that. To show their support and develop a connection with her, Jeannette and her spouse made it a point to visit Calista every day. They wanted to ensure that Calista was aware of the stability in her life and not feel alone. The rescue team also made regular visits to keep her company, resulting in Calista having ample interaction with people.

Woman hugging injured pit bull

Jeannette G. nursed Calista back to health through a series of rigorous treatments and reconstructive surgeries. After a week, Calista was well enough to go home with Jeannette and her husband. Back then, the couple only intended to foster Calista since they already had another dog called Zazu, and they didn’t feel ready to adopt another dog. However, when Calista became available for adoption several months later, Jeannette had a change of heart.

Calista the rescued pit bull

According to Jeannette G., when they first took in their new furry friend, others joked about her staying permanently, but they saw her as just a foster. However, once she became available for adoption, Jeannette knew without a doubt that they were going to keep her. Now, she can’t imagine their lives without her and believes that emotionally they were ready for the commitment.

According to Jeannette G., Zazu formed a strong bond with Calista over time. Zazu played a vital role in helping Calista become more comfortable with her new surroundings by teaching her how to behave like a dog. Calista was initially fearful of everything and did not know how to play, but watching Zazu’s actions provided valuable insights that helped her get accustomed to her new environment.

Rescued dogs cuddling together

Jeannette G shared a heartwarming photo of Calista cuddling with Zazu. Sadly, Calista is undergoing treatment for mast cell cancer, but she remains a happy and joyful dog. According to Jeannette, Calista enjoys life and everything it has to offer, including food, people, and other animals. Despite her past experiences, Calista has managed to overcome her fears and live life to the fullest.

Rescued pit bull smiling

According to Jeannette G., her dog is famous for tail drumming. The pooch is always wagging its tail, and since they have wooden floors, it creates a drumming sound. The happy-go-lucky pup is the happiest dog that Jeannette has ever encountered.

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