Volkswagen’s Autonomous Concept Car Aims to Redefine Long-Distance Travel Experience

This vehicle lacks a steering wheel, B-pillars, and pedals.

VW quirky concept, hero image

Introducing the Volkswagen Gen.Travel – an innovative self-driving car that aims to transform long-distance travel. Interestingly, unlike other autonomous vehicles, this unique concept car is not intended for use in cities. Instead, it has been specifically designed to serve as a substitute for airplanes, providing efficient transportation from one destination to another.

VW Gen.Travel on the road

Volkswagen introduces the Gen.Travel, a compact vehicle that eliminates the need to take a plane for short trips to nearby cities. The boxy design may be reminiscent of a kei car, but it is actually an MPV or van according to VW. The company even created a new category for the vehicle called Innovation Experience Vehicle or IEV for marketing purposes.

Volkswagen autonomous concept in the city

Volkswagen autonomous concept on the road

The Volkswagen design has been meticulously crafted to provide ample room and a cozy atmosphere. The car boasts gullwing doors without any B-pillars, allowing easy entry and exit. Furthermore, the absence of a steering wheel and completely foldable seats add to its uniqueness. For those who go for the “business specification,” face-to-face seats and a worktable are included.

Volkswagen autonomous concept, business experience

VW Gen.Travel interior

The Volkswagen Gen.Travel is an autonomous concept vehicle that has been classified as Level 5, meaning it can function without a driver and is capable of going anywhere and performing any task. However, it’s important to note that Level 5 autonomy is still considered science fiction. Despite this, automakers are already testing the technology to develop innovative concept vehicles.

VW quirky concept side profile

The Volkswagen Gen.Travel concept car is a futuristic prototype that is not expected to be available for purchase anytime soon. Despite this, its unique shape and innovative design make it stand out from other cars on the market. While we may never see a production model of the Gen.Travel, car enthusiasts can catch a glimpse of this eye-catching vehicle at the Chantilly Arts Elegance Richard Mille event, which takes place in France annually.

VW Gen.Travel rear section

VW Gen.Travel front

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