The Soggy Pooch and the Unexpected Collar: A Tale of Kindness and Redemption

Last Friday, Audra Petraškienė had an unsettling experience while riding through a small Lithuanian town.

Audra noticed a shivering dog drenched in water with a heavy metal object fastened to its collar.

Once she had saved the defenseless puppy, she took it back to her home and posted on Facebook about the awful experience it had gone through by almost being drowned.

The internet was abuzz with outrage after a video of a helpless dog being mistreated went viral. People were shocked by the cruelty shown towards the innocent animal.

Thankfully, the small pup appears to be in a healthy state.

Audra took a proactive approach and decided to inform the authorities about the incident.

The owner of the dog was eventually found, but the individual or individuals responsible for causing harm to the animal remain unknown. Additionally, it is unclear whether the owner could have done anything to prevent the incident from occurring.

Audra opted to entrust her beloved pet to an animal shelter for the time being, until the issue is resolved.

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