“The Alluring Alfa Romeo SE 048SP: A Marvelous and Scarce Supercar from Italy”

Back in 1990, the Alfa Romeo SE 048SP was designed to take the place of the Lancia LC2 in the Group C racing genre. Though it never really made it to production, the prototype was fully equipped with remarkable features. For one, it had the same powerful 3.5 V10 engine utilized in the Alfa Romeo 164 Procar.

Fiat, the parent company of Alfa Romeo, decided to prioritize the latter for Group C racing after Lancia shifted its focus to the WRC with the Delta Integrale and Ferrari heavily invested in Formula 1. Although the project was kept under wraps, information emerged that the SE048SP utilized a naturally aspirated V10 engine initially developed for the Ligier F1 team. This engine claimed to generate an impressive 620 hp at 13,300 RPM, positioning it as a formidable competitor in the racing world.

It’s uncertain when exactly the SE 048SP was constructed, but sources suggest it was around 1990. The vehicle was showcased at the Alfa Romeo Museo Storico and later upgraded with a powerful 3.5-liter Ferrari V12 engine that was said to generate 680 horsepower at a whopping 12,750 RPM. It’s possible that this decision was made following some issues with the original V10 engine, which were uncovered during trials on the “Abarth SE047,” a modified Lancia LC2 that was utilized as a trial model for the SE 048SP initiative.

In the end, the funds set aside for the SE 048SP were instead utilized for the Alfa Romeo 155 Touring Car initiative. This move proved to be beneficial as it led to the achievement of several national titles such as the DTM championship in 1993 and the BTCC championship in 1994.

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