Meet the 154-Pound Lapdog with a Heart of Gold

Meet Sherman, the 154-pound Newfoundland puppy who firmly believes he’s a lapdog and uses his owners as “human dog cushions.” Despite being the Big Dog of the house, Sherman remains oblivious to his massive size and continues to seek comfort by sitting on his beloved owners.

At just 18 months old, Sherman is still growing, and he will keep on gaining weight until he turns three. With at least 28 more pounds to gain, he’s bound to become even more imposing. However, his size doesn’t stop him from being stubborn, as his owners, Elliot and Beverley, have amusingly captured in videos of him refusing to go outside for a wee.

Despite the constant squishing, Elliot and Beverley adore their gentle giant and spend over $6,000 a year on him. They know he thinks he’s a lapdog, and they find it endearing, even though it means having a large, slobbery cuddle monster around. Sherman’s affectionate nature and friendliness make him an absolute sweetheart who loves everyone and everything.

This massive furry friend came into the family in February 2022, imported from a Polish breeder. His size and friendly demeanor have earned him celebrity status in his hometown, with people stopping to take pictures and admire him.

Being a proud owner of Sherman comes with its responsibilities and costs. The couple spends over $150 on dog food every month, and the gentle giant’s appetite doesn’t stop him from wanting a taste of everyone else’s food, leading to some hilarious drooling incidents. Due to his large size, special considerations are necessary, as Sherman’s body is still developing until he reaches three years old.

Despite the challenges and expenses, Sherman is Elliot’s best friend and a cherished companion. This big-chested, large breed pup has also found an unexpected best friend in a neighboring ginger tom cat named Kodi, whom he watches andaores from across the fence.

Beverly sums it up perfectly, as she affectionately refers to herself as a “human dog cushion” for Sherman. Their love for him is unwavering, and despite the occasional inconvenience of his enormous presence, they wouldn’t have it any other way.

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