Kitten Who Was Accepted by Other Cats, Starts to Hug Them and Look Out for Them

A kitten who was accepted by other cats, started to hug them and look out for them.

kittens cuddles

A 2-day-old kitten was brought into Animal Welfare League of Arlington (in VA) after he was rescued as an orphan needing foster care.

After two weeks of round-the-clock bottle feedings, his eyes were wide open, and he was big and strong enough to move around his nursery. When he discovered his voice, he didn’t hesitate to use it.

In the days that followed, the kitten named Colin would meow constantly out of loneliness and was eager for a friend.

singleton kitten

Colin the kitten

Around that time, Penny Richards, a foster volunteer of the rescue, had a litter of four in her care that were about the same age as the singleton. “I agreed to take over his care,” Penny told Love Meow.

Colin was over the moon and started playing, wrestling and snuggling with his new littermates. He followed them around the pen and didn’t want to miss out on any action.

cuddle kittens

Colin immediately started playing and cuddling with his new siblings

From that point on, he no longer cried for attention, and the only time he was vocal, was right before feeding.

Colin was ecstatic to have friends his size to run around and tumble with. “My original four accepted him right away into their family, and would cuddle him to show their love,” Penny shared with Love Meow.

cuddle puddle kittens

Colin felt so loved to be in a cuddle-puddle with his new siblings, and decided to return the gesture by showering them with hugs.

He would squeeze his body into the purr-pile, offer himself as their pillow, or wrap his arms around them for good measure.

kittens cuddling pile

The original four adored their new brother from another mother

When Penny received more fosters into her care, Colin’s cuddle-puddle quickly expanded. To him, it was always the more the merrier.

Colin liked to be surrounded by other kittens and was usually the last one to fall asleep.

kittens cuddling puddle

More foster kittens joined the cuddle-fest

He would happily nestle up with the feline crew but sometimes, he would watch them nap as if to guard them to sleep.

“Colin is an energy vampire, since he’s always the last one playing after he’s drained all of his friends’ energy.”

kittens sleeping

Colin guarded his foster siblings while they napped

With other feline buddies around, his confidence rose and his personality emerged. He turned into a ball of unbridled energy and kept everyone on their toes with his mischief and antics.

“He can be an independent boy who spends half the day running off, playing with his toys or his friends.”

lap kittens

Colin and his friends shared lap time together

“But he can also spend his time hovering around me, purring loudly, asking for all the love. He’ll climb on me and stretch up to give kisses,” Penny wrote.

When Colin and his foster siblings were ready to find their forever homes, the original four were adopted in pairs.

wrestle hug kittens

They wanted to match Colin with a buddy whom he would play and cuddle with forever.

A family was looking for a friend for their kitten, Macchiato, when they came across Colin. They fell in love with the tabby boy and knew he would be their perfect new addition. It was love at first meow.

kittens cuddles colin

“He’s such a sweet and confident boy who loves everyone he meets.”

Now, Colin has a feline brother to zoom around and cuddle with every day. There is not a dull moment in the house.

sweet kitten colin

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