“Get Ready to Drool Over Pininfarina’s B95 Hypercar – The Electric Beauty That Comes with a Price Tag”

Although electric car fans often tout the eco-friendly advantages of their vehicles, few would describe them as seductive. However, a new electric vehicle appears poised to challenge that perception.

The latest release from Automobili Pininfarina, the B95, features a striking roofless design that is sure to impress even the most die-hard fans of internal combustion engines. Recently unveiled at Monterey Car Week, this pure-electric hyper barchetta is almost completely silent and can accelerate from 0 to 60mph in under two seconds, with a top speed of more than 186mph. However, interested buyers should be aware that this vehicle will be produced in limited quantities and will come with a hefty price tag; in fact, it is reported to be even more expensive than a Bugatti Chiron.

Have you seen the latest electric car that oozes sex appeal? The newly unveiled Automobili Pininfarina B95 is a hypercar that boasts a convertible roof and can reach a speed of 60mph in less than two seconds. The car manufacturer, which resulted from a merger between the Italian design house and coachbuilder Pininfarina SpA and an EV manufacturer based in Munich, revealed that only ten units will be produced, each priced at €4.4million without additional options. This amount is almost half a million pounds more than Bugatti’s W16 Chiron. According to the company, the B95’s sleek open-topped design blends beautifully with its technical features, providing a stunning interpretation of a classic race car powered by pure-electric performance. The hand-built hypercars are set to be delivered beginning in 2025, marking the 95th anniversary of Pininfarina SpA. The name ‘B’ was chosen to represent barchetta, which is an Italian term for a small open-top vehicle.

Only a limited number of 10 units will be manufactured, with prices starting at €4.4 million excluding options. That’s equivalent to £3.75 million for UK buyers, which means it’s more expensive than Bugatti’s W16 Chiron by around half a million pounds.

During Monterey Car Week, a new electric sports car was revealed that has been dubbed as the ‘world’s first electric open-top hyper Barchetta’. This car is incredibly quiet and has a top speed of over 186 miles per hour.

The electric powertrain in the new car is cutting-edge, featuring a large-capacity 120kWh lithium-ion battery that is T-shaped and liquid-cooled. This battery can generate a peak power of 1,400kW, which is equivalent to 1,878bhp. The Pininfarina team will carefully design each car for their ten exclusive clients to ensure that no two vehicles are identical. The battery, which is housed in a lightweight carbon fibre body, can be charged using DC fast chargers that can achieve speeds of up to 270kW. This means that the fastest of these ultra-rapid devices could potentially charge from 20% to 80% capacity in as little as 25 minutes. It’s worth noting that the battery output is almost 400bhp more than Bugatti’s hypercar, which is powered by a quad-turbocharged combustion engine.

The battery is enclosed in a carbon fibre case that’s lightweight. It can be recharged using DC fast chargers up to 270kW, which is the quickest among all ultra-rapid devices. This implies that the battery capacity could rise from 20% to 80% within only 25 minutes if charged using the fastest device.

The EV’s curvaceous design is absolutely stunning. The way the bodywork flows seamlessly into the front bumpers and gracefully rolls over the wheel arches gives it a muscular look that we believe is unmatched by any other electric vehicle on the market today.

Pininfarina will carefully customize every B95 for its ten fortunate and affluent customers, making each one completely unique and exclusive.

The vehicle in question lacks a roof and a windscreen, with no glass whatsoever. However, an electronically adjustable aero screen setup provides some wind protection to enhance the open-top driving experience. The car is powered by four independent electric motors, one for each wheel, with five different driving modes available to tailor power delivery and handling to an individual’s preferences and road conditions. The design of the B95 is what sets it apart, with its swooping bodywork, muscular appearance, and barchetta design, which means there is no enclosed cabin. The cockpit has a surrounding loop incorporating seats and domes behind each passenger. The interior is a blend of futuristic and classic racecar design, with a central portrait digital instrument cluster and screens flanking it. The seats and carbon-fibre dashboard merge with the exterior to replicate the exterior’s flow into the cabin. The polycarbonate screens are lightweight, framed in aluminium supports that are raised and lowered at the press of a button, and resemble those found on vintage fighter planes or motorcycles. Pininfarina, the company responsible for designing the car, claims that this patented technology allows for open-top driving comfort at high speeds. The B95 is capable of reaching high speeds, making it a pioneering road car at the forefront of EV design. Clients can also order bespoke helmets coordinated with their chosen B95 specification for a personalized touch.

The barchetta’s unique design features an open cockpit with a surrounding loop that includes the seats and domes behind each passenger. There is no enclosed cabin, allowing for an immersive driving experience.

After settling into the cozy interior of the car, the driver is greeted by a modern digital instrument cluster located front and center, with two additional screens on either side.

The design of the cockpit, which includes the seats and dashboard made of carbon-fibre, appears to blend with the exterior. The seamless flow from the bonnet into the cabin creates a sleek appearance.

The Pininfarina B95 draws inspiration from vintage fighter planes in both its design and interior. According to Paolo Pininfarina, the chairman of Pininfarina SpA, the B95 embodies everything that defines a true Pininfarina design: elegant, bold, beautiful, and innovative. As the perfect celebration of Pininfarina’s 95th anniversary, the B95 continues the legacy of creating rare icons that are now highly sought-after collector’s cars. Chief Design Officer Dave Amantea believes that their design philosophy, which centers on purity, allows them to create something truly special through a mixture of classic proportions and exquisite detailing. The B95, which delivers the power of Battista, redefines the joy of driving and introduces the thrill of exceptional, electrified performance in stunning open-top form.

The Pininfarina B95 hypercar is an elegant and attractive electric vehicle with a starting price of €4.4m (£3.75m). Only 10 models will be produced, with the first deliveries expected in 2025. The car is 4,912 mm long, 1,214 mm high, and 2,035 mm wide, with a wheelbase of 2,745 mm. It is powered by a 120kWh T-shaped liquid-cooled lithium-ion battery pack located in the centre tunnel and behind the seats. Charging time is fast, with 20-80% charge taking only 25 minutes using DC fast charging. The car boasts four electric motors that independently power each wheel, delivering full torque vectoring. It has a maximum power output of 1,878bhp (1,400kW) and a maximum torque of 2,340Nm. Acceleration from 0-62 mph takes under 2.0 seconds, while top speed exceeds 186 mph (300 km/h). The car emits 0g/km of CO2 and features Brembo CCMR carbon-ceramic 390mm discs with six-piston calipers front and rear. It comes with 20-inch front and 21-inch rear forged aluminium wheels, making it a stylish and powerful electric vehicle that doesn’t come cheap.

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