Exploring the Features and Value of China’s $120,000 Electric Car Competitor: Going Beyond Tesla

The term ‘Tesla killer’ has been coined for a specific reason.

Would you buy China's Tesla killer for $120,000?

China has introduced its own equivalent of the Tesla, which is called the HiPhi X. This luxury crossover from Human Horizons runs entirely on electricity and can be yours for $120,000. This is the second addition to the EV brand, and it has already been announced as the best-selling luxury EV in China. The vehicle is equipped with state-of-the-art technology, and it’s no wonder why it’s receiving so much attention. For a closer look at the HiPhi X, check out Supercar Blondie’s Domi Sofroniciova’s review of it!

Supercar Blondie has become a popular sensation on social media, known for her love of luxury cars and unique content. She has gained a massive following by showcasing some of the most expensive and rarest cars in the world. Her relaxed and fun writing style has made her videos entertaining to watch, as she shares her experiences with these high-end vehicles.

HiPhi X from the side with its suicide and gullwing doors open

Take a closer look at the latest news on Elon Musk’s Tesla Cybertruck and its latest hurdle. The front of the truck boasts impressive headlights that are connected to a LED strip which spans the width of the vehicle. However, what really sets these headlights apart is their unique feature – they can display fun images such as smiley faces, hearts, thumbs up and thumbs down signals. This means that drivers have the ability to change the image displayed at any time. The thumbs-down signal might especially come in handy during rush hour traffic.

Love heart image displayed on the HIPhi X

Doors ooen the HiPhi X

Supercar Blondie came across an amazing car design that combines the suicide doors and the Batmobile gull-wing doors. The outcome is simply breathtaking. Upon opening the doors, a panel on the roof will also open simultaneously, providing extra space for passengers to comfortably enter and exit the car. The HiPhi model features automatic suicide doors that can detect if there are obstructions in their way. It will stop the doors from hitting anything or anyone who may be blocking its path.

Domi jumping out of the car

Meet Supercar Blondie! In her latest video, she takes us on a tour of the HiPhi X interior, generously provided by 66 Motors. This sleek vehicle boasts a spacious cabin, accommodating up to six passengers comfortably. The One Touch technology is a standout feature, allowing easy control of the air conditioning, heating, windows, and lighting with just the touch of a button. Passengers in the backseat have the luxury of customizing their seats for maximum comfort, sliding them left and right or forwards and backwards. When it comes to technology, the HiPhi X does not disappoint. The driver is greeted with a massive 14.6-inch display screen, while the center console boasts a 16.9-inch screen. The passenger is not left out either, with a 19.9-inch widescreen to enjoy.

Interior has three display screens

HiPhi X interior

The HiPhi X boasts a strikingly futuristic interior design, though upon closer inspection, one may notice the use of low-quality plastic covers. Nonetheless, the seats are adorned in vegan leather and accented with vibrant orange stitching to add a touch of flair. The impressive front and rear motors generate a whopping 598 horsepower, allowing the bulky 2500kg car to accelerate from 0-100km/h in just under 4 seconds. However, the car’s steep price tag of approximately $120,000 USD is worth considering before making a purchase.

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