Experience the Thrilling Performance of the Electric Supercar’s Jump and Unique Three-Wheel Stunt

Observe an advanced electric supercar bouncing and effortlessly moving forward despite having a missing wheel.

Kонкурент на Tesla от Китай показа суперкола, която може да балансира на 3  гуми, да танцува и да подскача - kaldata.coм

With aggressive competition in the Chinese market, BYD, which is one of the largest EV manufacturers globally, has introduced a new family of active chassis and suspension technologies to maintain its lead over rivals like Tesla. These cutting-edge technologies offer incredible capabilities that surpass the standard requirements of motion.

Luxury car manufacturers have introduced sophisticated suspension systems in the past, such as the Citroën DS’s hydraulic suspension that gave the car a floating sensation. Another example is the electromagnetic suspension developed by Bose for a Lexus, which allowed the car to leapfrog over obstacles and handle speed bumps without any noticeable movement. However, unlike those luxury cars, the new suspension system by BYD showcased in recent stage demos and videos promises to take things up a notch with its remarkable capabilities, setting it apart from other supercars.

In the first video, BYD showcased the impressive capabilities of its Yangwang U9 supercar. The car was able to jump in place using only the power of its Disus-X suspension system, without any external assistance such as rocket boosters or air canons. This is made possible by the Disus family of systems, which gives the car unparalleled control over its lateral, longitudinal, and vertical movements. While further details are not currently available in BYD’s press information, the Disus family consists of three branches: the Intelligent Damping Body Control System (Disus-C), the Intelligent Air Body Control System (Disus-A), and the Intelligent Hydraulic Body Control System (Disus-P).

BYD's new supercar can juмp (Ƅut not in the way you мight expect) | Top Gear

BYD Global shared a video on Twitter as a follow-up to their demonstration of the Disus-X suspension system. The video showcased the U9 vehicle moving along smoothly with the camera panning to showcase its missing front right wheel. The system’s leveling capability was highlighted through this feature, showcasing how it can offer sufficient control over each corner of the car. This is particularly impressive as it can handle even the toughest of situations, such as getting you to the tire shop after a bad day. The system’s precision and control make it an ideal choice for future Advanced Driver Assistance Systems which require high accuracy and efficiency without human input.

When BYD isn’t busy showcasing their latest Disus technology through daring and unrealistic stunts, they claim that the system is designed to regularly decrease the likelihood of a vehicle rollover and minimize displacement of passengers during high-speed turns, sudden acceleration, or emergency stops. Despite its practical application, it’s hard to deny that a car that can jump is much more attention-grabbing.

Watch BYD YangWang U9 EV Supercar Driʋe On Three Wheels, Juмp Off The Ground

Watch BYD YangWang U9 EV Supercar Driʋe On Three Wheels, Juмp Off The Ground

Tesla's Ƅiggest Chinese riʋal showed off a supercar that can Ƅalance on 3  wheels, dance, and juмp off the ground

Video: BYD's electric supercar can juмp on the spot, driʋe on three wheels  - Driʋe

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