“DMC’s Adventure with Lamborghini Revuelto: A Bold Transformation with a $50k Carbon Aero Kit”

The tuner has unveiled an exclusive bodykit for the latest Lamborghini Revuelto model, which includes a generously-sized spoiler at the back.

 DMC Finds Lamborghini Revuelto A Little Tame, Tries To Fix It With A $50k Carbon Aero Kit

The Lamborghini Revuelto has recently made its debut, and while customers won’t receive their cars until late 2023, DMC – a German tuning company – has wasted no time in creating a carbon fiber body kit for the new plug-in-hybrid supercar flagship.

DMC acknowledges the Revuelto’s impressive appearance straight from the manufacturer, but they believe that it may appear too gentle from afar due to its gentle curves in comparison to the limited Sian model. To counter this, they have developed components to enhance its aggression while also reportedly improving its airflow and downforce.

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