Czinger’s 21C V Max Stuns at Goodwood Festival

The V Max boasts up to 1,350 horsepower and is painted bright orange as a tribute to the California state flower.

Czinger debuted its 21C V Max for the first time in Europe at the Goodwood Festival of Speed, and in a new bright orange hue, it calls the Golden State of Mind. The color refers to Czinger’s home state flower, the California poppy, and is a tribute to the birthplace of the hypercar brand.

The V Max is the top-speed variant of Czinger’s first production car, the 21C, which set lap records at both Laguna Seca and the Circuit of the Americas. It uses a hybrid powertrain developed by the company in-house, which features a 2.88-liter twin-turbocharged V8 to produce up to 1,350 horsepower.

In a prior exclusive interview with Motor1, the company’s founders, Kevin and Lukas Czinger, explained that the 21C’s design was inspired by the SR-71 Blackbird spyplane, including the instrument panel layout and the tandem two-seat layout. This setup also maximizes aerodynamics, lowering drag while providing upwards of 2.5 tons of downforce at 200 mph (322 km/h).

As for the color, the Golden State of Mind is a tribute to the California poppy, which blooms each spring, turning the state’s rolling hills bright orange. Czinger chose the color name and shade in recognition of this event and to highlight the automaker’s commitment to sustainability. Inside, the V Max features an army green leather interior with gray wool textile that mirrors the twill carbon fiber on the front seat. Contrasting orange top stitching offsets the green and gray color of the interior, tying in the bright orange exterior.

Czinger Vehicles was founded in 2019 by Kevin and Lukas Czinger and currently has 15 dealers worldwide, including locations in London, Barcelona, Munich, Frankfurt, and Tokyo. The Los Angeles-based company is intent on disrupting the auto industry using human-AI design to develop the design and performance of its vehicles in an environmentally sustainable system. In addition to the 21C scheduled for launch this year, Czinger is also developing a four-seat coupe called the Hyper GT to be launched at a later date.

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