Clever Solution! Owner uses Umbrellas to Protect Interior of Rare, Open-top Aston Martin Supercar from Rain

The individual who possesses a convertible sports car has found a solution to tackle the unpredictable rainy weather of Britain by adorning the interior with several umbrellas.

In the midst of a typical rainy day in central London, an Aston Martin was spotted parked on a posh street in Mayfair. Despite the harsh weather conditions, the owner of the luxurious sports car remained unperturbed. In fact, they came up with a novel idea to safeguard the expensive interior of the vehicle – by making use of multiple umbrellas. As one looked closely, three full-sized brollies were seen stuffed inside the car, seemingly doing a great job at keeping the rain out. One may question why the owner did not opt to put up the convertible roof instead, but perhaps they had their own reasons for it.

The affluent streets of Mayfair in central London were drenched in the typical British rain, as an Aston Martin sat parked elegantly on the side.

This impressive two-seater car boasts a formidable 5.2-litre, Twin-Turbo V12 engine that delivers a peak output of 700 horsepower. However, the sleek racing green Speedster comes at a hefty price tag of £765,000 and is completely roofless. A TikTok video captioned ‘When your ultra rare supercar doesn’t come with a roof’ featuring the vehicle has gone viral, garnering 61,000 views. The limited-edition car is an extremely rare sight, with only 88 models ever produced. Owning one of these beauties is truly a one-of-a-kind experience.

Nonetheless, this specific version comes with all the extras, boasting the DBR1 specifications that are estimated to add another £50,000 to the price tag. The DBR1 specs pay tribute to the legendary Aston Martin DBR1 that earned a victory at the 24 Hours of Le Mans in 1959. According to The Telegraph, Chief Engineer Matt Becker has claimed that “nothing can beat the Speedster when it comes to exhilarating driving experiences.” The convertible feature of the car adds an entirely new level of excitement to the ride.

It appeared that three large umbrellas had been hastily shoved into the car, but they were doing a good job of keeping the rain away.

The TikTok video garnered a lot of attention as numerous viewers shared their opinions in the comments section. “It offers an engaging and immersive driving experience, with impressive agility and balance,” read one of the comments that received thousands of likes.

One person commented, “They have a lot of cash but not much sense.” Another user expressed, “We need innovative solutions for current issues.” A third individual shared their perspective, stating, “This is precisely why I don’t drive with the top down.”

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