Cat’s Long Wait on a Bench Brings Him the Perfect Life

A cat waited on a bench hoping someone would stop for him. Now weeks later, he’s living the life he’s always wanted.

cuddly tabby cat

London the cat

Earlier this year, a Good Samaritan spotted a stray cat sitting on a bench in a park by himself. He was one of the many abandoned cats found on the streets of Kuwait. He had been hanging around the area, hoping someone would stop for him.

The cat was friendly and eager for some head scratches. They noticed that he had “some injuries probably due to attacks from other cats”. The finder immediately reached out to the community for help.

Alina Lazaryeva of Kuwait Animal Aid responded to the plea, and her team of volunteers sprang into action.

stray cat bench park

He was found sitting on a bench in a park by himself

“The first volunteer went to look for him in the park but couldn’t find him. He left his number with park security to call if the cat showed up again, and he did,” Alina shared with Love Meow.

On the day of his rescue, the cat came back to the park, hoping it would be his lucky day. Later on, a volunteer arrived after being apprisedaout the cat’s return. It took a village, but the tabby was officially off the streets.

stray cat rescued

London was rescued and finally off the streets

He was named London, and he was welcomed into a foster home where he had plenty of good food and many soft things to nap on. London received much-needed medical care and lots of snuggles from volunteers and veterinary staff.

“He was sweet straight away with people and kids, too,” Alina told Love Meow.

office cat helper

He quickly blossomed in foster care and liked to offer “help” in the office

London’s beautiful personality radiated everywhere he graced. He was very easygoing, laid-back and just wanted to be around people. He loved to offer “assistance” in the office and was always up for a snuggle session with his humans.

“Later on, he was introduced to other cats and a dog, and he was good with them all. He is just a sweetheart.”

snuggly cat

He became quite the snuggle-bug

Kuwait Animal Aid works closely with many rescue groups in the US to help these deserving animals find loving forever homes.

A partner rescue, City Kitties DC, took London into their care once he was flown across the ocean along with a number of other animals rescued abroad.

happy cat home

London was adopted with the help of City Kitties DC

A few weeks ago, London had his wish come true when he embarked on a new journey with his forever family. “He is the sweetest and most chill cat I’ve ever met,” London’s adopter shared.

sweet sleeping cat london

He is very laid-back and easygoing

“He is really settling in and enjoys morning snuggles, supervising me when I’m working from home and perching himself on the windows to watch all the action outside.”

office cat cute

London keeps his human company in the office, being the cutest supervisor

From living on the streets to being loved and spoiled like a king, London has come a long way. He couldn’t be happier to have a place of his own and a family that adores him to bits.

stray cat adopted, then now cat

London has come a long way. He’s happy and loved

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