Boyd Coddington’s Masterpiece: The Iconic 1938 Lincoln Zephyr “Lead Zephyr”

The Lincoln Zephyr is commonly known as a stunning automobile that has ever been manufactured. Boyd Coddington, as per his reputation, managed to enhance its beauty even more.

The “Lead Zephyr” hot rod is a unique car designed by Boyd Coddington, taking inspiration from Terry Cook’s Lincoln-Zephyr coupe nicknamed “Scrape.” Coddington was drawn to the high-quality ride of the vehicle and had to take a closer look. The Lead Zephyr features an Art Morrison chassis with fully independent air suspensions in the front and back, allowing for adjustable ride height from inside the car. The car maintains a low profile while parked but can still be used for daily driving needs.

The automobile is equipped with Wilwood disc brakes and custom-made Boyd billet wheels paired with thick Goodyear tires to ensure smooth and safe driving. It runs on a powerful 430 cubic inch Ford engine, which is connected to an A06 automatic transmission, producing an impressive 500 horsepower. This is a significant upgrade from the original flathead V12, which only delivered a mere 110 horsepower.

The Marcel Delay workshop’s skilled craftsmen have manually created an extraordinary super-smooth body. While the fastback rear end pays homage to the Lincoln-Zephyr of the late 1930s, the body presents a slicker and quicker look. The car’s art-deco and streamlined profile are highlighted by its DuPont Char-cool paint over Boyd Mellow Yellow.

Inside the vehicle, you’ll notice a distinct Ididit steering column and a unique leather-wrapped Boyd Coddington steering wheel. What’s more, Boyd himself has even signed it! The dashboard boasts a set of gauges that were specially crafted for this car. Although reminiscent of the original cluster, the center-mounted instrument cluster has a modern twist that gives the vehicle a fresh revamp rather than a simple restoration job.

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