“A One-Legged Pup’s Life Hangs in the Balance Due to Breed Discrimination”

A group of adorable puppies were found in a jungle all alone, without their mother. It was unclear how they ended up there. Luckily, the Friends to the Forlorn Pit Bull Rescue intervened to help since Henry County Animal Care and Control doesn’t allow the adoption of dogs it deems to be pit bulls. The puppies were taken to a shelter in Georgia, but unfortunately, they were scheduled to be put down. This is because Henry County Animal Care and Control has a strict policy of euthanizing pit bulls after only three days.

When Animal Control reached out to Friends of the Forlorn Pit Bull Rescue, they wasted no time in offering to rescue the adorable puppies. Jason Flatt, the founder of the rescue, eagerly took them in without hesitation. After their arrival, Krissy, Nugget, and Sunshine were immediately placed in loving foster homes. However, a puzzling mystery remained – what was the reason behind Sunshine’s single front paw?

Uncertainty surrounded the origin of Sunshine’s paw issue – whether it was a birth defect or caused by mistreatment. Nonetheless, she persevered and continued to walk on it. To assist her, her caretakers took her to a veterinarian for a prosthetic paw fitting. In the interim, Sunshine has been using a pliable leg brace.

Sunny had no trouble adjusting to the leg brace, and the team even designed prosthetics in four various sizes to cater to her growth stages.

It is unknown what caused the injury to Sunny’s paw, but the good news is that she is now living a happy and healthy life!

A big shoutout to all those who played a significant role in getting this young lady to her desired destination. Your support and efforts are highly appreciated.

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